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A solution for new COVID-19 restrictions on children and parents in theatre?

Going for an operation or having your child go for an operation can be terrifically upsetting. With the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a variety of changes to who is normally allowed to come into theatre.

Social distancing rules may mean in that parents are not allowed to come into theatre for induction of anaesthesia. This may be distressing for both the parent and the child. It is hoped the Rafferty distraction headset can both, inform parents of the journey to theatre and aid the child in distraction during induction.

At present I am aware that across the UK more sedation medications are being given. In an effort to lessen the distress of coming to theatre. However this will increase post operative nausea and delirium. As ever we should try and avoid pharmacological restraint in patients where possible

I believe the Rafferty distraction headset will provide an option in the management of children and parents. Taking the distress and mystery away from going to theatre and mask acceptance. Use of applications such as a little journey could also be used.

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The little journey app a great use of technology in the theatre environment.

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