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Bespoke Virtual Reality App in development for the Rafferty Distraction Headset

New APP Virtual Reality Game

Working title: “Virtual Reality PARTY”

Description: A novelty Game that can be used for fun or to help children accept anaesthetic masks and gas induction of anaesthesia if paired with “The Rafferty Distraction Headset”

A simple Virtual Reality game able to work on the google cardboard platform.

Safety advice: do not use if the child does not wish and do not use in photosensitive epilepsy. App should only be used under adult supervision.


This is the play scenario where the child learns to breath deeply blowing out candles on a cake. This scenario will allow mask acceptance and familiarity. Child will be transported to a colourful cartoon world where a cake will appear. On that cake there are candles that if the headset is looking at puffs or wind will blow out the candles. Child is encouraged to blow them out via audio messages in game. Child is congratulated on blowing all the candles out.


This scenario will be when the child is going to sleep, if used in theatre. After having played the blowing out candles scenario the child will know how the games works. The child will be in the same cartoon world and will be prompted to get a balloon in the game. Once the balloon comes on the screen the child will look at the balloon and once ready a tube will be placed into the mask in the real world. A tube will appear on the balloon in the virtual world. If the child is looking in the correct direction the balloon becomes bigger and bigger with puffs of air going up the pipe until it pops. By this stage if anaesthetic gases are flowing and the child is pretending to go to blow up the balloon the child will be anaesthetised.

The app is currently under development once updates are available they will appear on the website, Facebook page and blog.

Many thanks for reading

Dr Kevin Rafferty

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