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Brilliant Evidence for Paediatric Peri operative Virtual Reality

doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000004165

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Virtual Reality in Pediatrics: Effects on Pain and Anxiety

Eijlers, Robin MSc*; Utens, Elisabeth M. W. J. PhD*,†,‡; Staals, Lonneke M. MD, PhD§; de Nijs, Pieter F. A. MD, PhD*; Berghmans, Johan M. MD*,‖; Wijnen, René M. H. MD, PhD¶; Hillegers, Manon H. J. MD, PhD*; Dierckx, Bram MD, PhD*; Legerstee, Jeroen S. PhD*


  • Question: Is virtual reality (VR) effective in reducing pain and anxiety in pediatric patients undergoing medical procedures?

  • Findings: VR was most often used as a distraction method during medical procedures and was found to be significantly more effective in reducing pain (14 studies) and anxiety (7 studies), with large effect sizes, than care as usual (CAU).

  • Meaning: VR can be used effectively as a distraction method in clinical practice, but more research is needed to establish evidence on VR exposure as a preparation tool for medical procedures.

Great news for the Rafferty Distraction Headset and to improve the care of children in hospital.

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