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Great working with Design Reality

Based in beautiful North Wales Design Reality are a world leading design product design consultancy. Founded in 2000 they are a team of design and electronics experts creating innovative products for clients in the Industrial, Medical, and Consumer sectors.

I have had the pleasure of working with them in developing the Rafferty Distraction headset. They have been excellent in all aspects of our interactions. Clear goal setting at the start and honest about costs.

All work was completed at or before agreed deadlines. I worked with multiple members of the team due to the duration and nature of the contracted work. All team members had the same straightforward, friendly and enthusiastic attitude. This was my first working interaction with a company as a client outside of the medical world. Thanks again for your great work and I hope to be able to bring future product ideas to you.

The Design reality team have created a great showcase of the development work for the Rafferty Distraction Headset.

Please visit their site

Dr Kevin Rafferty FRCA

Inventor of The Rafferty Distraction Headset.

If you wish to purchase the Rafferty Distraction Headset for just £9.95

please email

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