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The Best Final FRCA Viva Book

Updated: May 9, 2020

The Final FRCA Structured Oral Examination: A Complete Guide (Masterpass) Paperback – 15 May 2015 by Bobby Krishnachetty (Author), Darshinder Sethi (Author)

Without learning this book I would have found it very tough to have passed the final viva.

The book is structured in the format of the old viva system. This is useful as it allows you to view the style and flow of the questions. It also covers common reoccurring questions and topics.

A note of caution though there has recently been revision in the format of the Viva examination please refer to the RCOA site for further details. Therefore the pre amble of this book is out of date but the content and style of questioning has remained unchanged.

A definite must learn in my opinion for the Final FRCA Viva.

For the best prices I usually buy used books on amazon follow the link below

Or use the e book version Kindle

Dr Kevin Rafferty FRCA

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