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The Rafferty Distraciton Headset available now at Henleys Medical Supplies

Anaesthetists are frequently required to deal with a child who is uncooperative at induction of anaesthesia. In studies undertaken in the 1990s, one-third of children were found to be distressed at induction while one-quarter required physical restraint.¹ ² Dealing with an uncooperative child can be distressing for the patient, parents, and health-care workers. Moreover, the stress of a stormy induction can produce postoperative behavioural changes in the child.

Use of the Rafferty Headset allows distraction and better mask acceptance during gas induction of anaesthesia.

The Rafferty Distraction Headset is a single patient use cardboard virtual reality headset, which integrates a detachable anaesthetic mask. Simply insert a smart phone to create virtual reality environment for a perfect distraction.

As well as being an ideal solution for gas induction of anaesthesia, the Rafferty VR headset can also be used for other applications such as oxygen and aerosol therapy, post-operative distraction in recovery, painful procedures, CT scans and awake dental procedures. The unique design of the Rafferty VR Headset allows the mask to sit comfortably in position whilst fully immersing the patient in a virtual reality experience.

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