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Communal toys as vectors in transmission of infection?

Recently there has been an increased reluctance to share toys/ games between children as this may pass on viruses or bacteria. Clinics and hospitals are looking for solutions to this issue.

The Rafferty distraction headset is a virtual reality distraction device that is single patient/ child use and allows distraction during painful/uncomfortable/boring procedures. The headset works as a simple virtual reality viewer when an oxygen/anaesthetic mask is not attached.The headset also acts as a reward to the child after the procedure. Walking away with a bright coloured box like a happy meal and toy all rolled into one.

The team at Starlight are an amazing children's charity concerned with the making better the lives of children who have to interact with healthcare. Starlight Distraction Boxes are portable tool kits filled with a variety of toys, games and puzzles providing healthcare professionals with items to distract a child whilst medical procedures are undertaken. The nature of these toys are such that they comply with infection control, which may mean they can be cleaned.

If you wish to support Starlight please follow this link.

Dr Kevin Rafferty FRCA

Inventor of The Rafferty Distraction Headset.

If you wish to purchase the Rafferty Distraction Headset please email

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