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Surgical training during COVID 19 pandemic, is VR an option?

With the huge disruption to non emergency surgery due to the Covid 19 pandemic all post graduate medical training has been affected. None more so than surgical training. With surgeons being re deployed to work in different areas and adopt different rotas.

Surgeons in training need to operate under supervision to achieve competency with procedures. A company Osso VR has been providing virtual reality training on the Oculus platform for a couple of years. Platforms like this can offer a method of being socially distant and can go through the steps of an operation with excellent visualisation.

Over the coming months and years under and post graduate medical and surgical training needs to adapt VR and telehealth have roles that we have yet to determine.

To build the leading VR surgical training platform, Osso VR assembled a team of clinical, medical device and technology experts from leading institutions, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Medtronic, Microsoft, Zynga and Electronic Arts.

Have a look at their video to see the device in action.

Ossovr home page

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